School Projects, Yangon

Aung Zaya Monastary School


Hlaing Thayar Township, Yangon.

Schooling, feeding

Aung Zaya Monastary School is a monastery school based in an impoverished area within the Hlaing Thayar township of Yangon. The school teaches 2208 students from Toddlers to High School and is severely lacking school supplies and facilities. The monastery is also home to over 780 full time residents, many of them elderly.

The aim is to provide better conditions for those studying and living in this monastery.

The Friends of Dulwich hosts a number of fund raising activities throughout the year to allow the group to donate essentials for study and living such as rice packs, soap, pencils, paper and textbooks.

Since June 2016, the Friends have donated over 25 packs of rice, 720 packs of exercise books, school uniforms and a generator. The Friends continue to make donation trips to the monastery on a regular basis.