School Projects, Yangon

Dulwich Star City Football Camp


Star City, Thanlyin township – the location of our Dulwich College Yangon, Star City campus

Football, sports

The Star City residential development is located in the township of Thanlyin, a district with a number of impoverished areas housing families with little access to sporting facilities. Furthermore, the Star City development employs a huge number of staff throughout the project, from construction to housekeeping and security. These employees often live in basic accommodation with their families, who have little or no opportunity to develop their passion for sport.

Football is a huge sport in Myanmar, followed passionately by those from all walks of life and backgrounds. We aim to give the children of Thanlyin an opportunity to feed their passion for the sport, through structured programs and utilising quality facilities. These programs are designed to bring the community together, giving these children a chance to experience a structured training program and develop their skills. Ultimately, we want the children to increase their enjoyment of football, and receive opportunities to play at levels that wouldn’t otherwise be open to them.

Volunteers from Dulwich College Yangon host weekly football training courses for children living in and around the Star City community. Through a number of charitable campaigns, hundreds of football boots were donated by school children in the Middle East and Myanmar, and distributed to the children who take part in the football club. Dulwich College Yangon staff supplied football kits to these children and worked on training a Dulwich College Community Football Club, which is now competing in the Star City football league with a number of other local teams. A number of the younger players have also played in tournaments against local international schools, and have often finished as champions!

As many as 200 children have attended one Saturday morning session. Due to its popularity, numbers have been restricted to ensure all students get access to quality training. Currently sessions are restricted to 120 attendees, with new children having the option to join at the beginning of a new program. Once the Star City campus opens in August 2017, the team hopes to grow this program with support from additional Dulwich College Yangon staff.