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Kampung Senang


Kampung Senang – a charity and education foundation in Singapore

Fixing broken wheelchairs which are given back to the charity to distribute to those who need them

Singapore is a rich, diverse and affluent city state. Because of this nature, it is often forgotten that there are members of the Singaporean community who do not have enough money to have their wheelchairs fixed or even buy wheelchairs for themselves.

The goal of this community project is for students to learn a new skill at the same time as helping the community. Mr Fuller, our Head of Design and Technology, has spent the past year teaching students the skills needed to fix wheelchairs which can be given to those who need them.

This ECA was new last year and was formed through a partnership with Kampung Senang. The charity give the College broken wheelchairs and students work in groups to recondition the chairs and give them back to those who need them.

Last year alone, three wheelchairs were reconditioned and given back to the charity to be passed to those who need them. This year, the ECA is back in full force and students are hoping to fix and return five wheelchairs!