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UWS Ngang Som Toch School


UWS Ngang Som Toch School, Cambodia

Dulwich College (Singapore) has a sister school in Cambodia, which was built and is now maintained through funds raised by the College.

United World Schools is dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for those less fortunate and Dulwich College (Singapore) support a school in rural Cambodia called Ngang Som Toch.

The goal of Dulwich College (Singapore) together with United World Schools is to provide free education to children in Cambodia who otherwise would not have a chance to go to school. As a College, we also like to provide teaching expertise and learning materials which will help teachers at the school to educate.

Through fundraising, Dulwich College (Singapore) provides enough financial support for the school to have been built and now maintained with sufficient staff for the students. There are also many student-led initiatives throughout the year which involve making packages and gifts to send to our sister school.

Last academic year, students collaboratively designed a colouring book and 300 copies were produced and sent to the school in Cambodia. There were also 500 packs of stationery, arts and crafts which were collected, made and sent. 250 toiletry packs were also given to those in need in various other parts of Cambodia.