Works with children and young people taking them on a journey from Childhood to Livelihood and out of poverty

By enabling children to complete secondary education, delay their age at marriage, and skilling young people to be in jobs, we are helping move a generation out of the self-perpetrating cycle of poverty.

Founded by Matthew Spacie in 1999, Magic Bus equips children and young people in the age group of 12 to 18, with the skills and knowledge they need, to grow up and move out of poverty. This takes them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. Ever since its inception, Magic Bus has transformed over one million children and young people, helping them move out of poverty.

Children on the Magic Bus programme successfully fend off destabilisers such as child marriage and child labour. They complete their secondary education and go on to become first-generation salary earners having secure careers in the organised sector.

Our youth-centered Livelihoods Programme connects the aspirations and potential of young people to available market opportunities. We build their employability skills and map job potential based on individual strengths and mobility.

We work with the support structures, that is, the parents, the community at large, and local institutions, to ensure results in the social, emotional and economic well-being of all children and young people. Our approach mobilises the entire ecosystem, around the children and young people, to create transformational change in their lives.

Our Childhood to Livelihood programme has the following key components

  • Life Skills Education
    Has teamwork, problem solving, managing self, learning to learn and communications for children and young people to become more resilient and show higher self-efficacy in the face of destabilisers like child marriage.
  • Education Enhancement
    We provide individuals with Education Enhancement that improves their basic literacy, numeracy and their overall grades.
  • Employability Skills Education
    Includes financial literacy, digital literacy, spoken English and career awareness that will help young people to get a job of their choice.
  • Livelihood Connect
    Involves sector-specific training in Retail, IT, BFSI, e-commerce; placement and post-placement support to help young people to not just get jobs but stay with their jobs.
  • Community Connect
    Engages with parents and the whole community to build support for children’s aspirations. Thus helping children to complete formal education without any disruptions.

The Childhood to Livelihood programme ensures all children and young people:

Complete secondary education

Delay their age of marriage

Young people have the right skills to be gainfully employed


The success of the Childhood to Livelihood programme, since 1999, is seen in the lives of 1,000,000 children and young people across India, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh.



In the current year from April 2018 to March 2019, 381,000 children are on this journey of moving out of poverty in 22 states and 77 districts of India.

There are now 7,667 young leaders, from the community who have been trained to mentor and deliver the sports activity-based sessions to children across 798 schools. Through 42 Livelihood centres across the country, 10,000 young people have been trained and 7000 placed in jobs in the organised sector so far. Magic Bus also works in Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar with 6000 Children, 80 trained Community Coordinators, 40 communities and 31 schools.

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